Rutgers Academy Course Pilots

Be among the first to access our new courses, and provide feedback that will help us build the best course we can.

What is a pilot?

After developing a course, Rutgers Academy invites learners to test it and give feedback. You'll be provided with the full course content. 
Additionally, you get a feedback form where you can tell us what you think about the course. 
We'll monitor how you learn and also send you an occasional request for additional information, to help guide us towards a final version of the course.

Who can participate?

The pilot program is open to anyone in the Academy. Whether you're a student, civil society actor, or just a curious person, we invite you to enrol in our pilot courses!

What does participation require?

Once you enrol in a pilot course, you will have access to the full course content. You can take the courses as you would normally.
Like many pilot versions, you will likely encounter minor bugs or problems in the course. 
We ask that you report these to us via email:, so we can ensure that they are fixed in a timely fashion. 
You will be expected to complete the user surveys embedded in the course to help us further improve it based on your valuable feedback.

Is the pilot free? Am I paid for participation?

Participation in the pilot will be of no cost to you.

There is no compensation for participating in the program.

Okay, I'm totally ready for this. What do I do?

Just browse through our courses that are currently being piloted. Choose one, and start learning!