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    Available courses

    GTA Master training 2024

    This master training, or training of trainers, will explore important topics like gender equality, power dynamics, diversity, and human rights in a friendly and professional manner. We'll tackle the following questions together: What power dynamics affect sexual and reproductive health and gender-based violence, and how can we handle them effectively? How can we recognise, respect, and encourage diversity in sexual and reproductive health and gender-based violence programs? How do human rights principles guide our work in sexual and reproductive health and gender-based violence, and how can we make sure they're part of what we do? We'll answer these questions through activities like seminars, discussions on key concepts, analysis of recent case studies, watching videos, and practical exer…

    Exploring Values

    Audience: Agents
    and stakeholders in the field of Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR).  

    This online course introduces you to value clarification, a learning
    approach which aims to improve learners’ awareness of their personal,
    professional and societal values around SRHR. You will learn to examine your personal
    belief systems and behaviour patterns in order to become a better agent for

    Explorer les valeurs

    Audience : Agent·e·s et parties prenantes dans le domaine de la santé et des droits sexuels et reproductifs (SDSR).

    Ce cours en ligne vous présente la clarification des valeurs, une approche d'apprentissage qui vise à améliorer la conscience des apprenants quant à leurs valeurs personnelles, professionnelles et sociétales en matière de SDSR. Vous apprendrez à examiner vos systèmes de croyance personnels et vos modèles de comportement afin de devenir un meilleur agent·e pour la SDSR.